Finalists in the 2018 Florida AP Broadcasters College contest:


Best Short Hard News Feature: Sara Girard, WUFT-TV, Gainesville, "After the Fire"; Sara Wicks, The Dolphin Channel, Jacksonville, "Reducing the River Pollution."

Best Long Hard News Feature: Erika Orstad, UMTV-TV, Coral Gables, "Rescuing South Florida's Reefs"; Oliver Redsten, UMTV-TV, Coral Gables, "Trouble Downstream."

Best Short Light Feature: Alexa Lorenzo, WUFT-TV, Gainesville, "The Practice Before the Parade"; Shay Simon, FAMU-TV, Tallahassee, "Thrifting."

Best Long Light Feature: Jessika Ward and Romani Poole, FAMU-TV, Tallahassee, "Taking the Jersey Off."; Alexa Lorenzo, WUFT-TV, Gainesville, "Painting with a Purpose."

Best Breaking News Video: Daniela Hurtado, WUFT-TV, Gainesville, "Hope for Cuba: Miami Reacts to Castro's Death"; Alexa Lorenzo, WUFT-TV, Gainesville, "Gators Drown Out Richard Spencer."

Best Sports: Darwin Patterson, WUFT-TV, Gainesville, "Little Golfer, Big Dreams"; David Perez, UMTV-TV, Coral Gables, "Painting Inspiration."

Best Photo Essay: Sara Girard, WUFT-TV, Gainesville, "Balancing Life on Skates."; The Dolphin Channel, Jacksonville, "Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Northeast Florida"

Best TV Newscast: Rebekah Chung and Amanda Herrera, UMTV-TV, Coral Gables; Rachel Trent, WUFT-TV, Gainesville.


Best Long Hard News Feature: David Jones, WUFT-FM, Gainesville, "Continuing Flooding Woes"; Morgan Rynor, WUFT-FM, Gainesville, "Helping Puerto Rico."

Best Short Light Feature: Luke Sullivan, WUFT-FM, Gainesville, "Hawthorne High Problems."

Best Long Light Feature: Luke Sullivan, WUFT-FM, Gainesville, "Blueberry Farms Damaged by Irma."

Best Use of Sound: Dolores Hinckley, WUFT-FM, Gainesville, "Memorial Day 2017."

Best Sports: Amanda Cheney, WUFT-FM, Gainesville, "O-Dome Security."

Best Radio Newscast: Grace King and Dolores Hinckley, WUFT-FM, Gainesville.